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What's Going on in Odin or in our community?

This page is new to share information and dates of Current Events. No business advertising please.

If you have an event, class reunion, church celebration, community service, or anything that the community members of Odin (past or present) may want to know please contact: mgimbel@fairpoint.net or any one of the Odin Renewal & Development Committee (ORDC).

Calendar of Local Events 

Presented By The Odin Renewal & Development Committee

April 11, 2023 - ORDC Meeting  6:00 @ Odin First Christian
Church Fellowship Hall

April 1, 2023 -  ORDC Bonfire at Hubbell's Warehouse

April 29 & October 28, 2023 -  ORDC  Electronic Recycle 

May 27, 2023 - Goose Creek Classic 5K  clink to print/veiw 5K - 2023 form)

May 26 & 27, 2023 FIREMAN'S PICNIC

October 14, 2023 -  Goose Creek Festival 

5K Course Description

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O.R.D.C. - Caps  for Benches Project

This year ORDC decided to bring back the “Green Tree Plastics Caps Program” to gain enough caps to make benches for Odin school.  We are accepting all clean, dry caps from most containers shown below.